Campo Vineyard - Cardano Vineyard

Campo Vineyard sits at the very top of Howell Mountain, just off historic Summit Lake Road. The elevation upon 1,873 Feet, is well above the fog line which provides extra sun exposure to develop lush tannins, deep aromatics, and concentrated full body wines from a perfect skin to juice ratio. The combination of cooler days, yet more consistent sun exposure, and warmer nights contributes to a layered complexity characterized by blue fruit and black fruit flavors within Cardano’s wine profile. Campo’s Clone 7 plants thrive under our dry farming practices which help yield smaller more concentrated grapes resulting in dense, opulent mouth feels. Campo Vineyard has helped produce numerous acclaimed wines including four wines within Jeb Dunnuck’s top 100 Napa Valley Cabernets.

Prichard Ridge - Cardano Vineyard

Cardano Estate Winery’s vineyard, Prichard Ridge, is a key component to producing our rich, flavorful, and tannin driven wines. Our vineyard is 4 acres of planted Cabernet Sauvignon sitting on top of Napa Valley’s famous AVA, Atlas Peak. The unique combination of volcanic soil and heavy rock forces the vine to produce a smaller, more concentrated berry giving the potential to create epic, flavorful wines. With an altitude of 1,200 feet above valley floor, the fruit is able to mature evenly by getting a perfect balance of morning sunlight and cool afternoon breeze.