Winemaker/Owner- Edward Snider

With over 100 years of winemaking in his family, Edward Lewis Snider, has a deep rooted history of winemaking in the Napa Valley. His grandfather Martin Garzoli moved to Napa California from Cardano Al Campo, Italy, in 1913 to work as a winemaker/farmer.

Fast forward to the year 1999, Ed Snider decided to pick up where his grandfather left off and created his very own wine label, Beau Vigne. Focusing mainly on Cabernet Sauvignon, made from the Atlas Peak AVA, he was able to find success creating some of the best wines in the valley.

After 20 years of making wine with Beau Vigne, Ed had built a renowned Cabernet house that was well received by wine critics and customers alike. Ed Snider’s top Cabernets were so profound, critics were consistently rating them with in the top 1% of all wines submitted every year. Even scoring a perfect 100 points on his Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon in 2013, that just so happened to be the 100 year anniversary of his grandfather’s voyage to America to make wine.

In 2018 Beau Vigne was sold but Ed Snider’s vision of creating perfect Cabernets was not yet over. A new vision came into play when Ed decided that he wanted to honor his grandfather and his heritage by creating our new label Cardano Estate Wines. At the same time Edward is passing the torch by working with his son Nicholas Snider as his assistant winemaker.

Managing Partner & President - Cody Snider

Cody is a former collegiate baseball player with a degree in Business Administration from California State Chico. Cody grew up in St. Helena, where his passion for wine flourished over the years. Fast forward to today Cody is the Managing Partner and President of Cardano Estates and looks forward to building upon his family’s legacy dating back over 100 years in Napa Valley. Alongside his father Ed Snider, he looks forward to crafting the highest quality Cabernets as well as continuing the tradition of farming excellence at Campo Vineyards upon Howell Mountain.

Assistant Winemaker - Nicholas Snider

Born and raised in Napa, Nicholas Snider is a 3rd generation Napa Valley winemaker. His father started his first successful wine label, Beau Vigne, in 1999 when Nick was only 9 years old. Growing up while his father was immersed in the wine industry, Nick knew from a young age that he wanted to make a mark of his own in Napa Valley.

When Nick completed college, he began to work in a custom crush winery in Napa. Nick worked alongside and learned from some of the best Vintners the valley has to offer. They were able to introduce him to a variety of different styles of winemaking and vineyard management. Nick intends to use his 8 years of experience and knowledge gained, to work alongside his father, and together they can continue the family legacy of creating historic wines.

Vineyard Manager - Juan Fuentes

Born in Pueblo Mexico and immigrated to Napa California in 1978 Juan Fuentes has been working in the vineyards for over 40 years. Coming from Mexico with very little education and no money through Juan’s hard work in the vineyards he was able to put 3 sons through college. His youngest son graduated from Fresno State college with a degree in viniculture and now works alongside him.

Juan has a very close relationship with Ed snider and has been farming for him for the last 15 years at some of the best vineyards in the valley. Specializing in mountain grown cabernet grapes, Juan is able to navigate through the rocky soil and rugged terrain to obtain small more concentrated flavors from the grapes.